Welcome to Wizardhat Studios.

The site map has icon links to separate galleries for my paintings, prints, music CDs,
art videos, and graphic art work.    Click on an icon to visit the thumbnail index for a
gallery.    Clicking on the thumbnails will provide a larger image of the piece or a clip
from the CD or art video.

The On Line Gallery page is the starting point for a virtual tour of Wizardhat Studios
when it was in Ojai and features work prior to 2006.    Click on the links in the center
area of any art piece to see an enlarged image of it.   You can visit other rooms and
more art beyond the main gallery by clicking on the links in the center of the doorways.

To check out Wizardhat Studios, view photos of past events and activities, and find out
what upcoming click on the navigation bar buttons found on the home page.   Paintings
completed after 2005 can be accessed from the painting gallery page, including
paintings from the series titled  "The Artist is not responsible for anything you see."

Wizardhat Studios relocated from Ojai to the Conejo Valley after the building I was in
was sold and the new owners wanted to move their businesses into the location.      
Below is a view of the artist's present painting workspace.    On the easel is "Ghost
Horse Riders" when it was halfway done.

Wizardhat Studios was pleased to exhibit the wood art of Ivy Shuman - Storied Woods
at the Ojai location.   Exhibited were bowls turned from Cocobolo wood that showcase
the rich color and highly figured heartwood of the tree.   In the foreground in the above
main gallery picture is a large natural contour bowl.     

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